Ghost subtly told me I am holding it wrong.

As I’ve been writing posts with Ghost, I have seen that it will do odd things with paragraph layout if I put two spaces after a period. This aligns with Microsoft Word and most of the publishing industry, which says you should only have one space after a period. Per Wikipedia:

The desired or correct sentence spacing is often debated but some sources now claim an additional space is not necessary.

Here is what Ghost does if you put two spaces after a period:‌‌‌‌‌‌‌

Per the Wikipedia article, there have been a few studies investigating if one or two spaces are better. It seems to be a personal preference only (ie: what you were taught is what you prefer). A 2018 study showed that reading text which used 2-spaces was 3% faster to read, which led to some interesting quotes on Twitter, such as:

Oh man. I’m a proud member of the never-ever-ever-put-two-spaces-after-a-period camp, but a new study suggests two spaces in fact aids processing.

New facts forced me to change my mind about drug legalization but I just don’t think I can do this. This was a small study of 60 college kids, so it’s far from being conclusive. Maybe someone else will do a larger study in the future.

Dear Ghost: I like 2-spaces and I do not like being forced to use a single space.